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“I had the opportunity to work very closely with Mike Edwards beginning in 2005 in my role with Coca-Cola Enterprises. While I lead our New Product Integration efforts, Mike was my key contact for a consultant for Bravo Foods. CCE and Bravo had struck a distribution partnership agreement to begin distribution Slammers, a shelf-stable milk product.
Mike was very instrumental in all aspects of our relationship from the initial agreement signing to the ultimate sales in all of our sales centers across the country. Mike was deeply knowledgeable about their product, but also very willing to learn the complexities of the CCE system. I remember working with him in reconfiguring the bottle dimensions and features to make it work in our vending machines. His dedication to meet very tight and quite frankly, impossible timelines, was extremely helpful.
Mike’s enthusiasm is unmatched. He really championed Slammers as we traveled to sales centers and helped our local sales teams take the product to market. It was a great experience to work with Mike and wish we had other products to have worked on together."
-Matt Smith, Retired Coca-Cola Enterprise Director
“The best part about having Mike as a coach is that you know he’s always in your corner and he’s been exactly where you are before. The hardest part of operating a business is that it can be a very lonely endeavor. It’s lonely because everyone from your staff, consultants, suppliers and customers have a very different agenda, and can only see part of that whole picture. As an operator, you alone see the whole board, and with that responsibility comes stress, frustration, and mind clutter. Mike has the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and “look at the whole board”.
Because of his decades of business execution and operation, he can relate to my frustrations and needs on a personal level. He isn’t a professor preaching from a “business textbook”. Mike has lived it and understands the stressors that are unique to an operator. If you look at business development and operation as a 15 round boxing match. Mike is the head trainer in the corner. He’s there in between rounds to review and adapt strategy, see what’s working and what’s not, and help you implement changes on the fly. The best boxing trainers in the world were fighters themselves, not just “students of the sport”. Mike’s “time in the ring” makes him the ideal coach. He can be personal empathetic and strategic depending upon what challenges you face ahead.”
-Roy Warren Jr., CEO Gratitude Health
I have learned how to apply … Goal Setting to consistently reach new heights in sales, improve relationships with Senior Leadership, and most importantly, find a great balance in my personal and career ambitions. Mike’s ability to listen and relate with experienced advice and proven coaching methods is truly remarkable; I highly recommend working with him!
-Wealth Management, Wells Fargo
"Mike’s coaching has been instrumental in my ability to successfully influence and manage multiple types of personalities. It’s easy as an executive to find yourself … spread too thin, which results in not maximizing your impact on the organization and career development. Mike has brought clarity to ensuring I focus on the high value-added activities that both benefit my organization and my professional development. I’ve used executive coaches over the years and Mike is clearly a leader in the field.
He helped me gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve important objectives, and succeed in a stressful on-boarding situation. His style is warm, friendly, and open. I recommend Mike without qualification. When you meet him, you’ll realize quickly that he’s the right choice to help you reach the next level in your career."
-R.D. FOUNDER FaithWorks, Pensacola Florida
"In working with Mike Edwards and Focal Point/M3 Advisors, I am often reminded of the famous quote delivered by the great hockey player Wayne Gretzky. “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be”.
For the past 9 months I have been working with Mike who has continuously kept me focused on where the puck and my business is headed. With his leadership and commitment to my business, he has guided Empire State Asset Management, LLC to new markets, increased profitability, and laser focus to accomplishing goals.
Mike’s unique approach to accountability, time management and matrix management have not only increased my revenue but have created a sustainable path to long term success. He has challenged me to think outside the box and to look at market development, staff management and corporate governance in a new way. His unique ability to hold me and my organization to an extremely high level has resulted in an extremely positive and profitable experience."
-Joseph Polsinelli, Founder Empire State Asset Management, LLC
"Mike's coaching program he designed for us is showing results after 9 months. Long term planning, communication, and everyday decisions are much smoother. Our business has been around over 15 years and I think over time you lose sight of plans and goals. His program has put us back on track and has brought clarity to ensuring I focus on the high value-added activities that both benefit my organization my professional development. Mike’s ability to listen and relate with experienced advice is second to none.
His style is friendly and open. I recommend Mike without qualification. When you meet him, you’ll realize quickly that he’s the right choice to help reach your goals. M3 Advisors has allowed us to restructure the company and has helped improve our sales significantly during the pandemic. This program is well worth the money.... "
-Woody Knoebel, Founder & CEO of Alumacart
"I have been working with Mike Edwards from M3 Advisors for about 6 months. We have made several long-term planning and goal setting strategies come to life since we started meeting regularly. Goal setting has always been something we have done, however not having someone to " hold your feet to the fire" they don't always get achieved.
Having someone to work with and to discuss issues and strategy going forward has made the future clearer as well as provided a road map on how to get there 3,5,10 years down the line. It has re-engaged me in my own business, that I have spent the last 14 years building. "
-Bryce Boynton, Five Star Painting Franchise Owner


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