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The experts at M3 Advisors are top-of-the-line Business Executive Coaches, specializing in three key areas; Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Branding and Sales.

Executive / Business Coaching

At M3 Advisors we don’t just use encouraging words and phrases to motivate, instead we are both your coach and your biggest fan, working with you to succeed. Our knowledgeable advisors work with you and/or your team to increase performance, communication and overall skills, everything it takes to successfully run your own top-performing business from start to finish.


M3 Advisors work to help set up the foundation of your business, identify your business goals and determine what you want to work on to achieve your business goals. Once we have those questions answered, we create and individual plan of action for hitting each of those results. Immediately you will learn to start implementing the tools and strategies we discuss and be able to use and understand them on your own. We hold you accountable for your own action plan and to achieve your own results, as real business/executive coaching requires developing the client’s abilities to solve problems themselves using a wide range of tools, goal setting and accountability.


So, we must ask you… what do you want or desire from your company? What is it that you really need to do to reach that goal? What obstacles may get in your way? How can you maneuver those obstacles? And finally, how will you hold yourself accountable?

What to Look for in an Executive / Business Coach and Consultant

There are a lot of business coaches and consultants in the world. So, what makes one better than the other? Well, here at M3 Advisors besides our history of business success and our outstanding reputation, we believe that in order to be coached, you must be willing to invest in not only the time it takes to learn, but also the long-term commitment you make to yourself as a listener and lifelong learner.


With this being said, to measure the success of your experience with a coach or with a mentor, you should be aware when you are experiencing some type of quantitative growth. Because if you aren’t experiencing growth, you could be working with a coach who may be at the top of their game but isn’t the right fit for your individual objectives. And in the end, that’s just a waste of time all around.


Find a coach or mentor who walks the talk. Ensure that their words and their actions are congruent. Listen with your eyes… hear beyond the words that they say. Are they living in alignment with what they champion?


Look for somebody who has already had big accomplishments in their own life and is looking to give back to the world, rather than somebody who still has a full-time career. Hiring an overpaid coach has never accomplished anything remotely similar to what you're trying to achieve. There are a lot of coaches out there today with no real-world experience. People telling you, ‘I’ve got the solution’ and ‘I’ve got the answer,’ when in reality, they haven’t really done it themselves!”


And if you don’t know how to find a coach or you don’t know who to turn to? Ask yourself who you look up to, who you want to be like, and do they have integrity, character, and values?


The key takeaway from all of this is that when you find a mentor, put in the time, money, and energy into that relationship so that it lasts for the long run. A coach will motivate you through the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship, push your limits and help to noticeably grow your business, so that in return, you’ll notice the value of their contributions.


At M3 Advisors, I continue to mentor my staff and advise clients to encourage them to move forward with their personal goals, as well as in their professional development, so that one day they too can give back. As someone who worked their way up the ranks, I know how critical it is to have that mentor to look up to. I find value in giving back, because I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance from my own mentors. I believe everything comes full circle, as my clients also mentor me. They teach me new things about their industries that I am not as well-versed in. Mentorship is a perpetual circle, a continuous learning process, both of which must intertwine to truly reap the rewards. You must remain open-minded to continue forward in your path of success.


Whether you want to get to the next level of your career in your business, improve your leadership skills, time management skills, change your image or simply acquire the insights of a mentor, executive coaching can get you where you want to be.


A prosperous business doesn’t happen overnight, and a great idea doesn’t automatically mean mega success. To gain wealth, notoriety, and a business you can be proud of, that requires a strategic plan of action to get you started. At M3 Advisors, we help you create a strategic plan to help motivate you to get things done on a consistent and thought-out timeline.

Not only that but we help companies identify opportunities, create change, and accelerate their growth. In addition, our strategic planning process helps to inspire exuberant participation from your entire team. Great strategic planning involves helping the client solve their problems by training or other collaborative exercises.

Marketing, Branding and Sales

Every successful business not only needs a great idea, a plan, and a hardworking team but also a thorough and well-planned marketing, branding and sales strategy. Marketing and branding need to be a high priority when it comes to a business in order to get the name out there. More importantly with M3 Advisors you are working with top experienced sales managers who will develop your team to get real sales results.

With M3 Advisors, you can turn your insights and unique value propositions into actionable marketing strategies that drive profit and growth. Marketing, branding and sales in the world of business is more critical than ever. Just think about how rapidly products are changing their marketing, branding and delivery strategy, just within the last few years alone.


At M3 we always begin with a sense of clarity… and we end that way too! We want to first and foremost understand your business goals and objectives, especially your consumer target for your product/service and overall business. From there, we discuss every element of your product/business concept to gain full alignment and understanding on your consumer value proposition, brand proposition, competitive advantage, retail goals, packaging/processing options and margin implications.


At M3 Advisors, we understand that you are not just creating a product, but you are building a business. Our main goal is to make sure you are on the right course based on how you want to grow that business. This path may include creating prototypes to engage inventors, focus group research, a pilot batch run for regional market tests or even a full-scale production run.


Our streamlined process gets you from concept to shelf in a fast and informed way, so that you can make the best decisions for your new brand and your company.

We have more real experience beyond your average consultants in assisting with product development, sales (both nationally and internationally), marketing and consulting for the food and beverage industry, creation of specialized formulas, package designs and finished goods for consumers, private-label brands and of course, consulting services. To put it simply, if you need development or consulting for your new product, M3 Advisors is the company to call, especially if you want someone to work with you from start to finish or at any stage of development.


Mike’s  world-wide real-life experiences, conversational speaking style is energizing with knowledge designed to inspire, motivate and leave your people with thought provoking steps to take action.

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